Community Exercise

Go Beyond the Gym with the Help of Clinically-trained Experts

​Exercise doesn’t only improve your overall health. It also helps you feel better when recovering from childbirth, injury, or when managing a chronic disease—especially when you work As One with an expert to meet your goals. 

South Shore Health’s clinically-trained exercise therapists provide expertise with a personal approach. Our exercise classes are developed to help you build strength, flexibility and endurance in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. 

We offer classes at South Shore Hospital’s therapeutic pools and the Center for Physical Wellness that are designed to meet your unique health needs.

We offer pool-based classes for expectant mothers, as well as aquatic recreational exercise for mom and baby. We help individuals with chronic conditions, like Parkinson’s or arthritis, or those undergoing treatment for cancer or recovering from joint replacement surgery, to achieve optimal health. 

We also offer training for individuals or small groups so you can take advantage of the clinical expertise of an exercise therapist to achieve your personal goals and improve your overall health. Please call for more information. 

Gift certificates are available.

Our classes help patients with these chronic conditions:

  • Neurological conditions, such as Parkinson's Disease
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Cancer
  • Balance issues
  • Flexibility issues
  • Cardiovascular issues

We also offer programs for patients recovering from acute issues:

  • Stroke recovery 
  • Muscular weakness 
  • Post-total joint replacement
  • Beginner exercise 
  • Pre- and post-natal mothers

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