South Shore Health Center for Wound Healing

At the South Shore Health Center for Wound Healing, we provide world-leading wound diagnostic and treatment methods, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy, to heal even the most complex wounds.

Our multi-disciplinary team of wound care experts provides specialized care to diagnose and treat complex wounds that have resisted healing for months or even years. We help patients suffering from chronic, non-healing wounds, such as burns, pressure sores, and severe infections. We also help patients with wounds that haven’t healed due to complications from diabetes, radiation therapy, trauma or other medical conditions.

South Shore Health Center for Wound Healing
90 Libbey Industrial Parkway
Suite 100
Weymouth, MA 02189
United States

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Sun: Closed
Mon: 7 AM-5 PM
Tue: 7 AM-5 PM
Wed: 7 AM-5 PM
Thu: 7 AM-5 PM
Fri: 7 AM-5 PM
Sat: Closed

​When preparing for your visit, please bring your insurance card, a list of medications you are taking along with dosages, information about any prior surgeries, the date of your last visit to your primary care doctor, and, for diabetic patients, the date and value of your last A1C reading. 

You will need to pay your copay at the time of your visit, if applicable. To make your visit as effective as possible, we recommend that you write down your questions in advance and prepare a detailed description of your symptoms. 

We accept nearly every major health insurance plan, as do the individual members of our medical staff. Because plan names and benefits change frequently, call your insurer to learn the details of your plan's benefits.