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Receive a bill in the mail? ​You can view your statement and make payments for any service you receive at South Shore Health within your South Shore MyChart account.

If you don’t have a South Shore MyChart account, you can request an activation code to enroll, or pay through our Guest Payment page.

If you have any questions about your healthcare bills or want to pay over the phone, please contact our Patient Accounts department at 781-624-4120. If you are inquiring about a bill from South Shore Medical Center, please call 781-624-4121. Please note: we are unable to process checks over the phone.

Financial Assistance

Patients may apply for financial assistance for medically necessary service. Non-medically necessary services, such as elective cosmetic surgery, are excluded from consideration for financial assistance.You may be eligible for financial assistance through a public assistance program, including Connector Care Plans, MassHealth, and Health Safety Net. Eligibility for these programs is determined by comparing your family size and family income with the Federal Poverty Guidelines, which can be found on the website.

For more information, or specific questions, please call our Financial Counseling department at (781) 624-4329.

Request an Estimate

If you wish to get an estimate on a specific procedure or service, please enter your information into our Request an Estimate tool. Please note that charges change frequently and what is listed may not represent your exact cost.

Important Documents

You may receive several bills for the healthcare you received, specifically at South Shore Hospital. Bills differ based on your illness or condition; the number of physicians, nurses, and technicians who cared for you; how long you were hospitalized; the medications you received; and the supplies that were necessary to care for you.

Your medical condition may have required using outside experts to provide important tests. These fees are not included on the hospital's invoice. The names of some organizations that send you bills are similar—such as South Shore Cardiology, South Shore Radiology, and South Shore Hospital. We recommend that you carefully read your invoices to determine what services were provided and who is billing you for them.

We accept nearly every major health insurance plan, as do the individual members of our medical staff. Because plan names and benefits change frequently, call your insurer to learn the details of your plan's benefits.

While your lab work may be collected at one South Shore Health location, the actual testing may be performed at another location. Common examples include:

  • Routine blood work ordered in preparation for or during your annual physical drawn at a South Shore Medical Center location, but couriered to our Core Laboratory at South Shore Hospital to have the actual testing performed.
  • Testing that is not currently available within South Shore Health Laboratories. Your sample may be sent to an outside reference lab. South Shore Health currently uses Quest Diagnostics as its primary reference laboratory.
  • Orders faxed or brought in from a provider outside of South Shore Health.

The changes mentioned above can affect your associated charges.

Should you have any questions about coverage of laboratory testing and the extent to which your health plan covers costs, please contact your insurer before undergoing testing.

Your benefits and coverage are a contractual agreement between you and your insurer; therefore, we are unable to provide any information on what may or may not be covered.

However, we can provide you with the information you will need to contact your insurer to see if the testing your provider has ordered for you is a covered service.

For questions about pricing, call our Pricing Estimation Line: (781) 624-3424. 

Call our financial counselors at (781) 624-4329 to determine if you are eligible for financial assistance, verify requirements, or to make an appointment with a financial counselor. The Financial Counselor’s office is located at South Shore Hospital in the Patient Access Department, in the McKim Family Lobby (main entrance).

Other programs include MassHealth and Medical Hardship.