Physical Therapy & Wellness

Empowering Healthy Living for Our Community

A patient doing physical therapy at a South Shore Health Clinic

South Shore Health's Physical Therapy and Wellness program focuses on personalized patient care that gets results.

Our therapists listen to your goals and work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan that meets your needs.

Our goal is to get you back to doing the activities that matter to you as quickly and safely as possible.

We offer services in a variety of different disciplines and have locations across the South Shore, meaning you're never far from the care you need.

Why Physical Therapy and Wellness?

At South Shore Health, we strive to provide more than just physical rehabilitation — we want to help our patients and community live well.

Different patients will have different ideas of what "wellness" means, whether it's regaining strength after knee surgery or getting a little more active with a weekly exercise class.

Whatever living well looks like to you, we're here to help.

Patient Nick Hall takes a break from therapy to talk with PT Dan Murray at South Shore Health

Nick Hall Gets Back in the Game

After tearing his ACL and meniscus during his senior year, high school athlete Nick Hall faced a long road to recovery.

By working with the dedicated physical therapy team at South Shore Health, Nick made a full recovery in no time — and even went on to play college sports.
Luke Creedon does occupational therapy with Crystal Cote at South Shore Health

Luke Creedon Finds Hope in Pediatric Rehabilitation

Luke Creedon was born with a rare genetic condition and wasn't getting the services he needed through early intervention or school.

Through regular visits with occupational therapists at South Shore Health, Luke made significant strides in terms of strength and independence.

Physical Therapy and Wellness on the South Shore

The exterior of the McKim Family Main Entrance at South Shore Hospital.

South Shore Hospital

Adults & Pediatrics
Physical, Occupational, Speech, & Aquatic Therapies

Weymouth, MA

South Shore Hospital

South Shore Medical Center Norwell

South Shore Medical Center Norwell

Adults & Adolescents
Physical Therapy & Orthopedics

Norwell, MA

South Shore Medical Center Norwell

Orthopedic Care and Radiology Services at the Center for Orthopedics, Spine, and Sports Medicine

Center for Orthopedics, Spine, and Sports Medicine

Adults & Adolescents
Physical & Occupational Therapies, Sports Medicine, & Orthopedics

Hingham, MA

Center for Orthopedics, Spine, and Sports Medicine

The exterior of 780 Main Street in Weymouth, Massachusetts

Outpatient Pediatrics Satellite Clinic

Occupational Therapy

Weymouth, MA

Outpatient Pediatrics Satellite Clinic

The exterior of 780 Main Street in Weymouth, Massachusetts

Center for Physical Wellness

Community Exercise Classes

Weymouth, MA

Center for Physical Wellness

Frequently Asked Questions

Patients interested in scheduling an appointment with our Physical Therapy and Wellness team can call 781-624-8140.

Additionally, prospective patients can fill out our contact form, and a member of our team will reach out to you.

In most cases, rehabilitative services are covered by insurance.

However, it's important to note that the coverage provided will vary depending on the health plan.

Our team can assist you in determining your coverage, but patients should also verify coverage with their insurance provider.

Yes, a physician's prescription is required for all rehabilitative services.

You may be referred by your primary care provider or by a specialist, like an orthopedist.

Most insurance plans require a referral from your primary care provider as well.

Minimally, prescriptions must contain the following information: your name, your specific diagnosis, and the service you need (e.g. physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy). 

A prescription may also include specific treatments your physician wishes you to have, as well as the frequency and duration of treatment.

Prescriptions presented at the time of your evaluation must be signed and dated within the past 30 days.

Referrals for physical therapy services in the pool must state "pool therapy" or "aquatic therapy."

Insurance plans vary. Your case manager will help the therapist determine if the equipment you need will be covered by your insurance.

If not, a list of resources where you may borrow equipment will be provided to you.

Yes. South Shore Health offers personal training with our exercise therapists for both individuals and small groups.

These sessions are a great way to take advantage of the clinical expertise of an exercise therapist to achieve your personal goals and improve your overall health.

Personal training costs $45 per hour-long session. Please call 781-624-4367 for more information on our personal training.

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