Three Ways to Stay Healthy After Daylight Saving Time Ends


Jen Logan, Community Exercise and Aquatics Program Manager

Jennifer Logan, Community Exercise and Aquatics Program Manager

Twice a year, the Daylight Saving Time transition disrupts the schedules of Americans. In 2019, Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday, November 3, when we set our clocks back one hour. This change may seem insignificant, but our bodies are at their best when they run on a consistent schedule. 

Even a minor change like “falling back” can have a big impact our behaviors, and ultimately, our health.

It’s easy to fall into a pattern of hibernation since it’s dark by the time most people get home from work. This decrease in activity can lead to weight gain, changes in sleep cycle, and increase your risk of metabolic issues, such as diabetes.

There are things you can do to combat the potentially negative effects of falling back.

Plan for healthy meals

Eating meals with a focus on healthy protein will curb the urge to snack in between meals. Protein-packed meals also provide long-lasting energy because they promote well-maintained blood sugar levels throughout the day. (Looking for a healthy breakfast idea? Try this Apple-Cinnamon Quinoa Bowl.)

Build a healthy sleep routine

Practicing good sleep habits is crucial to maintaining focus and stamina during the day. Use daylight saving time as a start for healthier sleep. Put your phone down at least an hour before bedtime, relax your mind, and aim to get about seven hours of sleep per night. 

Stick to a regular exercise routine

Exercise fights fatigue, improves our mood, and staves off weight gain. If you’d gotten in the habit of an evening walk over the summer, don’t stop now! Take advantage of the daylight hours in the morning, or take an afternoon break to get from fresh air and sunshine, even as the temperature drops.

If a lunchtime walk isn’t possible and you’re apprehensive about exercising outside in the dark, check out South Shore Health’s community exercise programs, which are an affordable, climate-controlled alternative to fitness studios.

Change is never easy, but if you prepare for it, you will be ready to stay healthy after we turn back the clock!

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