Get to Know South Shore Hospital’s Therapeutic Pools


Jen Logan, Community Exercise and Aquatics Program Manager

Jennifer Logan, Community Exercise and Aquatics Program Manager

Want to know the best-kept secret on the South Shore? It’s the two therapeutic pools located at South Shore Hospital.

Why does a hospital have swimming pools? Because water-based exercise is a proven way to help people of all ages to manage a variety of health needs.

Water-based exercise is great because the buoyancy of water can:

  • Assist with movement to help with flexibility issues
  • Support movement to improve balance and functional activities
  • Resist movement to help strengthen muscles

Exercising in warm water can also promote relaxation of muscles and promote blood flow to tissue, which can decrease pain. And, getting into the pool is fun!

One of South Shore Hospital’s therapeutic pools is six feet deep, and the water is a comfortable 82 degrees. Patients with heat intolerance, expecting mothers, and individuals who need core strengthening use this pool.

The other pool ranges from three and a half to five feet deep, and the water is a toasty 92 degrees. This pool is best for people with arthritis, balance issues, joint replacements, and a variety of other conditions.

Patients of all ages use the pools at South Shore Hospital for everything from our community exercise classes to receiving therapy services.

For individuals with injuries or specific needs, aquatic therapy is an excellent option. Patients work one-on-one with a therapist who develops a customized aquatic exercise program designed to help with a specific diagnosis. In order to begin therapy, a physician would write a script with a diagnosis and specify pool therapy as a treatment.

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For individuals who are looking to become more active outside a traditional gym setting, a pool-based wellness program is a great option. Check out this post for more reasons exercising in water may be right for you.

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