Three Things to Know About Sports Physicals

Even though the kids have barely made it to summer camp, parents across the South Shore are starting to think about back-to-school preparations. (Sorry, kids.) For parents of young athletes, one task that can sneak up in the midst of summer fun is scheduling sports physicals.

Sports physicals screen for underlying health issues that could be worsened by increased physical activity. Here are three things you need to know about them:

Sports physicals are different from routine pediatric physicals

Sports physicals are abbreviated exams performed for the sole purpose of screening for underlying health issues. During the exam, your provider will take a brief medical history, then measure your child’s height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen saturation. These facts can help detect potential issues with nutrition, development, and cardiopulmonary diseases that could cause issues as your child’s season ramps up. 

Sports physicals do NOT take the place of an annual well-visit with your child’s pediatrician

While a sports physical does typically cover many of the physical measurements collected during an annual physical, it’s still important to schedule a separate well-child visit with your child’s provider. These appointments allow your provider to address any underlying health issues your child may have.

Here are five reasons why your child’s well-visit is so important for their health.

You can get an affordable sports physical at Health Express 

If your child forgot to tell you that he or she needs a sports physical before… tomorrow, you’re in luck! Health Express offers sports physicals at a $30 flat rate, so there’s no need to check with your insurance company about coverage. Our six locations are open seven days a week to help you get your athlete on the field in no time.

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