Four Tips to Get the Most Out of Virtual Exercise Classes


Jen Logan, Community Exercise and Aquatics Program Manager

Jennifer Logan, Community Exercise and Aquatics Program Manager

With a new year underway, it’s a great time to start to improve your wellness routine. But how do you begin, especially with reduced capacity in gyms due to COVID-19?

Virtual exercise classes are a great way to tackle your resolutions, even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

South Shore Health offers a variety of virtual exercise classes. Our classes meet at specific times, just like an in-person session, which means an exercise physiologist with more than 20 years of experience will ensure you’re doing the movements correctly, and can work with you to tailor the workout to your specific needs.

For some people, getting started with virtual fitness can be intimidating. But we’re here to help!

Here’s how to get the most out of your virtual exercise class:

Have an Internet-connected device with audio and video

You don’t need the latest and greatest computer to join a virtual fitness class. We recommend that our clients have a laptop or tablet (like an iPad or Kindle Fire) that has a video camera and speakers. While you can use a smartphone, the screen may be too small to see the instructor clearly.

To avoid big mobile data charges, make sure you’re using an internet connection—either WiFi or through a computer—to join the class.

Our instructors use a platform called Webex, which has apps, or you can join via a web browser. We also have a great audio/visual setup, which means it's easy for you to hear and see our instructors.

Do a pre-class “sound check”

They’re not just for rock bands: Every new member of our classes is walked through a “sound check” before the first class to make sure you can see and hear your instructor before we begin. Let us take the anxiety out of getting ready for you!

Make sure you have room to move

We understand that exercising at home is a lot different from exercising at the gym. We keep this in mind when planning our classes. You’ll need to find a spot that allows you to raise your arms to the sides and over your head, and that has some room to move your feet—usually about a six foot square.

Don’t rush out to buy special equipment for your virtual class

You’ll only need three things for our classes:

  1. A yoga mat or beach towel
  2. A chair
  3. Something to use for resistance. This could be a soup can, partially full gallon of water, a hand weight—whatever you’ve got! Our instructors can offer suggestions based on your current fitness level.

All of South Shore Health’s virtual classes focus on using body weight resistance, balance work, and mild cardio work to give a well-rounded workout. Exercises can be modified for every fitness level, and we leave time at the end of each class for you to ask questions.

Ready to tackle your 2021 wellness goals? Call us at 781-624-4367 us with questions or to sign up.

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