“Conference Room on Wheels” Improves the Virtual Community Exercise Experience

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Kristen Perfetuo
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South Shore Health’s Community Exercise program offers a robust slate of classes to the South Shore community. It’s an affordable, fun way to work out with the help of a clinically-trained exercise therapists.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Community and Aquatic Programs Manager Jennifer Logan has embraced technology to keep her dozens of participants working out in the safety of home. But it was difficult for class instructors to see people at home on a small desktop computer screen, and participants couldn’t always hear well if the instructor stepped away from the built-in microphone.

“Navigating technology adds a layer of complexity to our process,” Logan says. “But we’re committed to helping our community stay active during the pandemic.”

Luckily, South Shore Health’s Information Systems (IS) team had a solution to make the experience better for both participants and the class teacher.

“The thought behind it was simply ‘a conference room on wheels,’” says Scott Brewer, Audio/Visual Administrator, of the Community Exercise team’s new Conferencing Cart.

The South Shore Health IS team mounted a 58 inch Samsung TV to a wheeled cart. A webcam is mounted above the TV, and the class instructor wears a wireless lapel microphone system. All of this integrates with Webex, South Shore Health’s enterprise collaboration tool.

This way, the exercise therapist can demonstrate the exercises, and those at home can hear the instruction clearly. The audio and video is heard and displayed on the TV, so the instructor can see and hear all participants.

Jennifer Logan teaches a virtual exercise class
Jennifer Logan uses the "conference room on wheels"

When class ends, the AV cart gets disconnected from power and simply rolls out of the way.

“The Conference Cart makes it much easier for me to teach virtual classes,” Logan says. “I’m grateful to the IS team for creating this solution for our program.”

“The pandemic has really driven home the critical role technology plays in improving the patient experience,” says Tim Rogers, Manager of Information Technology Support Services.

“I’m glad our team could make things easier for the Community Exercise team and those they serve.”

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