South Shore Hospital & FoodSquire Partner to Help Families of Newborns

It’s a scene all too familiar for many new mothers: You’ve just brought your baby home from the hospital, you’re exhausted, overwhelmed with responsibility and – oh yeah – what’s for dinner? Don’t worry. South Shore Hospital has got you covered.

To help make the transition from hospital to home easier, South Shore Hospital has partnered with FoodSquire, a Marshfield-based tech company specializing in food ordering and delivery, to provide families of newborns a meal of their choice when they return home from the hospital.

The partnership was developed by FoodSquire founder Joe Capone along with members of South Shore Hospital’s award-winning Maternity Division. The revolutionary concept is quite simple: have your baby at South Shore Hospital, and when you return home, dinner is on us.

“I have been looking for a way to give back to my community,” Capone said. “I remember how transitioning our newborns back from the hospital brought about so many changes in our home and I wanted to explore this idea with the professionals who helped bring my own children into this world.”

“We understand the challenges of adjusting to a newborn during the first few days at home,” said Faye Weir, RN-C, MSN, Director, Parent Child Services at South Shore Hospital. “We hope to help smooth this transition by providing one less thing to think about, that is, ‘what do I cook for dinner’? It seems simple but can be so helpful to families.”

Starting Dec. 1, South Shore Hospital will provide a $50.00 FoodSquire gift card to each new mother to buy a meal of her choice after she has been discharged. The card can be used at any restaurant listed on the FoodSquire app, many of which have delivery.

“There is no better feeling than service to others,” Capone said. When I contacted South Shore Hospital’s Maternity Division, they were not only eager to offer advice, but they stepped up and delivered on a promise to their patients that is above and beyond patient care.”

"At South Shore Health, we are continually striving to improve the experience for all our patients and families. With this initiative, we are also supporting a great local business in our community,” said Luke Poppish, Executive Director of OB/GYN at South Shore Hospital.

“We recognize that expectant families have many options for their birth experience across our region and wanted to say an extra thank you to those who choose South Shore Hospital,” Poppish said.

To learn more about South Shore Health’s award-winning Maternity Division, visit Pregnancy & Childbirth.