Six Things That Set Health Express Urgent Care Centers Apart


Photo of Will Tollefson, MD Emergency Medicine

William Tollefsen, MD, Vice Chair of Emergency Medicine and Urgent Care

Urgent Care Leg Injury
Sprains, fractures and other sports injuries are among the many medical issues Health Express urgent care providers can treat.

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, urgent care was one of the fastest growing segments of the health care industry. During the five-year period of 2014-2019, the number of urgent care centers in the U.S. increased 67%, from 6,400 to 9,616.  

The arrival of COVID-19 and the need for testing and later, vaccination against the virus, further fueled the demand for urgent care centers, and today there are more than 10,000 facilities across the country treating more than 160 million people annually.

According to the Coalition for Urgent Care Access, urgent care centers have been central to the nation’s COVID-19 response, conducting about 30% of the COVID tests administered in the U.S. 

Here on the South Shore, Health Express’ six urgent care centers have similarly played a vital role during the pandemic, administering tens of thousands of COVID-19 tests, and when they were first available, COVID-19 vaccines for the earliest eligible groups – health care workers and the elderly.

Now that it’s widely available at CVS and other pharmacies, we no longer administer the COVID-19 vaccine, but evaluation for COVID-19 symptoms or exposure, by one of our medical providers continues to be an important and in-demand service at Health Express.

Sixty percent of the nearly 88,000 patient visits in 2021 had a COVID-19 test ordered as part of the assessment, along with other potentially necessary testing such as flu, strep, mono or a chest x-ray.

We have been there for you throughout the pandemic and we’re still here for you – for COVID-related care and much more.  

Here are six more things that set Health Express urgent care centers apart.

It’s comprehensive care for a multitude of injuries and illnesses

Urgent care is a convenient, cost effective alternative to busy hospital emergency rooms for treating acute medical issues that are non-life threatening.

At Health Express, our providers can treat a variety of injuries such as sprains, broken bones, cuts, lacerations and burns, as well as illnesses like the flu, pneumonia, bronchitis and sinus or ear infections.

Doctor doing a COVID-19 swab test on a young male patient
Throughout the pandemic, COVID-19 testing has been an important and in-demand service at Health Express urgent care centers.

Our offices have onsite x-ray, EKG and laboratory services allowing testing for viral and bacterial infections such as COVID-19, streptococcus, and mononucleosis, and can provide IV hydration and medications, repair lacerations and splinting for fractures and sprains.

It’s quality care from qualified medical providers

You can feel confident about your care at Health Express, because all of our offices are staffed with medical professionals trained in emergency medicine, including board certified physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants with extensive emergency room experience.

And because we are part of the South Shore Health our providers can leverage the entire health system, to offer comprehensive patient care, order advanced imaging like ultrasound or CT scans and offer referrals to physicians and specialists directly within the health system.

It’s convenient, timely care

Health Express is a full-service, walk-in urgent care center, no appointments are needed.  We are open seven days a week at most of our locations, with evening hours Monday through Friday -- after many primary care providers’ offices are closed. With six offices across the South Shore – including Abington, Braintree, Kingston, Pembroke, Plymouth, and Weymouth – there is a Health Express urgent care near you.

It’s quick and efficient

Unlike busy hospital emergency rooms, where it may take hours to be seen by a provider, wait times are short at Health Express, with patients generally evaluated and treated in less than an hour. Our goal is to get patients in and out quickly, while providing quality care.

A nurse works on a child with a leg injury
Getting care at Health Express is convenient, quick and efficient with most patients evaluated and treated in less than an hour.

It’s more than just urgent care

In addition to treating urgent medical issues, Health Express provides occupational health services for area employers, including drug and alcohol testing and physicals, as well as department of transportation evaluations and forms for commercial drivers. We also offer summer camp and sports physicals for kids and teens.

It’s more affordable than an emergency room visit

Even with medical insurance, a visit to an emergency room can cost 10 times as much as an urgent care visit at Health Express. Health Express is considered Tier One, which is the lowest level of copay under insurance coverage. To determine your copay or coverage for urgent care, we suggest calling your medical insurance company prior to your visit.


William W. Tollefsen, MD., MSc., MBA., FAEMS is Vice Chairman of Emergency Medicine and Urgent Care and Medical Director for Emergency Medical Services and Mobile Integrated Health at South Shore Health. Learn more about urgent care and other services at Health Express