Mark's Weight Loss Story: "It's the Best Thing I've Ever Done for Myself."

Mark P. smiles and gives a thumbs up to the camera after competing at a recent Spartan race
Mark gives a thumbs up as he competes in a Spartan race. The race is one of many new things Mark has been able to do since having bariatric surgery.

For many patients, the decision to pursue weight loss surgery isn't an immediate one - it's a process that unfolds over the course of months or years.

That was the case for Mark, who began looking at bariatric surgery many years ago.

"I looked into it probably 10 or so years ago," he said. "At that point, I wasn't ready for it."

When Mark decided he was ready to take that step, he chose South Shore Health and the South Shore Hospital Center for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.

"Mentally, this time I was like 'It's time to go,'" he said.

After his surgery and recovery, Mark began to see results.

"My blood pressure has been good," he said. "My A1C has been good."

While Mark didn't necessarily feel like his weight held him back in the past, he's found that his weight loss has opened up a number of new opportunities.

"I've done so much," he said. "I've run a couple of 5Ks, I've done a Spartan race. There's a handful of things that I've been able to do that I can think of that have been awesome."

After initially being unsure about weight loss surgery a decade ago, Mark is thrilled with his decision.

"I feel amazing," he said. "It's the best thing I've ever done for myself."

"A lot of people say I look like a different person," he continued. "Again, it's awesome."

Watch Mark share his story below:



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