Simulation Laboratory

South Shore Health's state of the art “sim labs" provide caregivers an opportunity to increase their level of confidence and expertise in delivering patient care by learning and practicing in controlled environments, both within the walls of a hospital and out in the field.

High-fidelity, interactive, adult and baby simulators are used to create scenarios that mirror real-life patient care situations. These events allow caregivers to experience a lifelike situation and is captured on video by the instructors to review at the conclusion of the simulation. This experiential learning plays a powerful role in building skill competency and clinician confidence, which are proven to enhance patient safety and outcomes.

South Shore Health has a stationary simulation lab located at South Shore Hospital. Additionally, South Shore Health has a Mobile Sim Lab, managed by our emergency medical services (EMS) team. This specially-equipped ambulance allows us to train first responders and other members of the community. The Mobile Sim Lab has provided valuable training to a number of local communities, including Braintree, Brockton, and Whitman. 

The Mobile Sim Lab is made possible by the support of Best Chevrolet.

US Coast Guard Training with South Shore EMS