Underscoring Our Dedication to Community Care with Mission, Vision & Values

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Susan Griffin
sgriffin3 [at] southshorehealth.org

South Shore Health has made significant strides as a regional healthcare leader in recent years. What was founded as a 20-bed hospital in Weymouth in 1922 is today an expansive community health system that includes primary and specialty care, acute care, urgent care, home and community care, and preventative and wellness services to more than one million residents at 22 locations across the South Shore.

Recently, it became clear that an important element needed in our growth was the establishment of a framework upon which our organization’s strategy, focus, and decision-making could sit. Hence, the creation of Mission, Vision, Values.

A mission statement defines an organization’s reason for being. A vision describes its desired future position. A values statement outlines core, guiding principles. Although we have long had these statements for South Shore Hospital, we have not had them for our growing health system. Until now.

“We’re proud of how our healthcare system has come together during this remarkable year, with a renewed sense of purpose to care for our patients, families and each other during this pandemic, said Rose Di Pietro, Interim President and CEO.

“We take great pride and ownership in these statements and hope that South Shore residents, and all of the communities we serve with passion and dedication, will continue to turn to us first for health and wellness.”


Your Health. Our Passion. One Community.


We will be the first place our community turns to for health and wellness.


We put the patient first.

We act with courage and compassion.

We are one team.

We never stop learning, never stop improving.

We know our employees are the best thing about our organization.

We are the community we serve.

We love our work.