Why Millennials Need a PCP


Daniel Borezo

Daniel Borezo, PA-C

“I’m young and healthy—why do I need a doctor?” This is a common thought many of us healthy millennials have. Here are three benefits to having a primary care provider (PCP) and stay on top of your health, even when you’re young and healthy.

Get Preventative Medicine

The key to a long, healthy life is preventative medicine—medicine that protects, promotes, and maintains health and well-being and to prevent disease. The key to preventative medicine is your annual physical. Most outwardly healthy millennials won’t have any issues. However, there are diseases that do not present with any immediate signs or symptoms—even in young people.

When these “silent killers,” such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes, go too long without being noticed, damage to the body has already been done, and you may suffer serious issues that could have been avoided.

Most of the time in a young healthy adult, it is the routine labs that are ordered as part of your annual physical that can reveal these hidden issues before it’s too late.

Your PCP will also make sure your vaccinations are up to date and will make sure you are not due for any possible cancer screenings. Stay on top of your health by scheduling a physical every year, which is typically covered by your health insurance. (You can learn more about what insurance typically does and doesn’t cover during your physical here.)

Have a Safety Net

Establishing a relationship with a PCP provides a safety net in case something catastrophic does happen and you end up in the hospital. It’s important to have someone to follow-up with who knows your history. 

And, if you have an issue that needs immediate care but may not require a hospital visit, South Shore Medical Center is open on nights and weekends. If your care team is busy, we can usually schedule you with one of our Urgent Care providers. From flu-like symptoms to cuts that require stitches, we’re here to help when you need us.

Make sure that you establish care now so that there is someone available in an emergency.

Enjoy the Convenience. (Really!)                                                                

We know it’s a pain to have to play phone tag with your doctor’s office, or wait for test results to come in the mail. But healthcare is changing to meet the needs of today’s patients. Here at South Shore Medical Center, we prioritize making it easy and convenient for patients to communicate with their care team. 

One of the best tools we offer is the South Shore MyChart online patient portal. Available on the web or as a handy mobile app, you’ll have easy access to a profile with all of your medical issues, medications, lab results, and upcoming appointments.

Through MyChart you can request prescription refills, get alerts and view recent lab results, schedule appointments, and even ask your medical team questions. Getting answers has never been easier or faster.

For those of you who live on the South Shore and work in Boston, South Shore Health recently announced that we will be opening a primary care office right in Quincy Center, just off the MBTA’s Red Line, in late summer 2019. This will make it even more convenient to visit your PCP.


To learn more about primary care at South Shore Health, click here.