Vinny's Story Continues at the Amputee Football World Cup

Mikayla and Vinny Fischer sit at their kitchen table as they discuss his upcoming participation in the 2022 Amputee Football World Cup.

In 2018, we shared the story of Vinny and Mikayla Fischer, who were involved in a serious motorcycle accident in Hanover.

While Mikayla was transported directly to Boston via MedFlight, Vinny’s condition was deemed too unstable. His care team performed life-saving emergency surgery at South Shore Hospital, stabilizing him for a MedFlight into the city.

Vinny’s left leg was amputated, but he survived the accident – and we’re thrilled to report that later this month, Vinny will be representing the United States at the upcoming Amputee Football World Cup in Istanbul, Turkey!

Vinny’s commitment to continuing to play the sport he loves after his injury is inspiring, and the fact that he will now play that sport on the world stage is a testament to his hard work and determination.

Good luck in Istanbul, Vinny! Bring home the World Cup – the whole South Shore is behind you!