Valerie Bourret's Story

What started as slight abdominal pain following an afternoon of shopping and picking up take-out dinner erupted into a full-blown emergency that left Valerie Bourret of Hingham deeply worried she would not survive. She did survive a harrowing journey over the ensuing days and weeks, primarily because of the exceptional care she received at South Shore Hospital.

Valerie’s slight abdominal pain quickly escalated to excruciating. She knew she would need help so she told her husband David to bring her to the South Shore Hospital Emergency Room. “I told my husband on the ride over that if I needed surgery to take me to Brigham and Women’s Hospital,” she said. However, she said, “from the moment I entered South Shore Hospital, the care was unreal.”

Valerie was diagnosed with an obstructed bowel. After several days of no improvement, Valerie took a turn for the worse. Dr. Christian Corwin was called and she went into emergency surgery. Valerie’s small intestine was resected and the surgery was a success. The ordeal left her weakened and vulnerable to infection. She had to remain hospitalized longer than expected. During this time, she came to understand and appreciate the remarkable, personal level of care at this hospital.

“Very important to me during my recovery process were my spiritual needs,” she said. “The nursing staff and everyone else involved in my care were always very respectful of that. On many occasions, staff members stopped and prayed with me and told me I was in their prayers. I received so much strength and support from them.”

Valerie who is feeling much better now, describes her care at South Shore Hospital as being delivered “with compassion and honesty.” She still appreciates the “very special trust and bond” she shares with Dr. Corwin.

Valerie expressed her gratitude by making a gift to the South Shore Health Foundation to thank and honor her caregivers. “The team helped me move forward in my journey,” she said. “I am so pleased to honor the outstanding individuals who took such great care of me.”