Six Reasons to Use South Shore MyChart

Woman on a tablet looking at South Shore MyChart
Your doctor goes wherever you go with South Shore MyChart.

In today’s world, we do most things online. From connecting with friends via text message or social media to ordering dinner after a busy day, we’re all used to getting things done with the computers on our desks or in the palm of our hand.

South Shore Health understands it’s inconvenient to have to call your health care provider for routine transactions. Last year, we rolled out South Shore MyChart. This online portal provides you with access to your medical records no matter where you receive care within South Shore Health.

Health information from your visits to South Shore Medical Center, South Shore Hospital, South Shore VNA and our many clinics is now stored in one location and easily accessible to you.

South Shore MyChart makes it easier to:

Communicate with your provider’s office. You don't have to play phone tag with your doctor. By enrolling in South Shore MyChart, you and your provider can communicate about most issues securely online.

Request and view an appointment. The portal will display any upcoming appointments that you have. You can also request assistance in booking appointments and, in some departments, schedule your own appointment.

View most lab and imaging results. Lab work, pathology and imaging reports can be viewed in MyChart.

Access your family’s health information. If your child is a patient at South Shore Medical Center, you can access his or her information online too. (This includes those immunization records, school and camp forms.)

Request a prescription refill. Routine transactions shouldn’t require a phone call. Your provider can refill prescriptions for you via South Shore MyChart.

Pay your bill. Checkbooks have gone the way of the rotary phone for many people. South Shore MyChart allows you to pay most bills online.

What to see more? Watch the video below to see South Shore MyChart in action.