Presidents’ Circle Spotlight: Summer Eats


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Owning a food business is both stressful and exciting. Greg Acerra, Fireking Baking Company, and Joe Previte Jr., Previte's Marketplace, spent some time with Full Circle to talk about the food industry and some of their summer favorites.


Q1: Share some background about yourselves

Greg: I went to Johnson & Wales University and started as a chef at Pier 4. I now own three Hingham restaurants; Stars, Tosca, and Café Tosca. A few years ago, I needed better bread for my restaurants, so I purchased a shop, bought an oven, and started making bread. Now, Fireking Baking Company has 200 employees.

Joe: I also went to Johnson & Wales! I’ve always had a passion for cooking and now I am part of our family business, Previte's Marketplace.

Q2: What is one thing about your business that you would like your fellow Presidents' Circle members to know?

Greg: My motto is “Get the customer bread!!!” My restaurant experience gave me an understanding of customer service and the value of a high-end product; my whole team is laser focused on superb customer service, consistent with our commitment to create superior bread.

Joe: Previte's Marketplace is very excited about our Hanover, MA project and strengthening our roots on the South Shore! The Town of Hanover has welcomed us with open arms and we look forward to serving everyone soon.

Q3: Why is supporting South Shore Health so important to you and your businesses?

Greg: I’ve been very blessed with the success of my restaurants, Fireking, and other endeavors. I’ve seen the evolution of South Shore Hospital and I remain impressed. The ability to deliver superb care to the NICU, cancer, and cardiology patients – to name a few – convinced me to be a supporter and Presidents’ Circle member.

Joe: Agreed. South Shore Health is such a huge part of our community, which the Previte family takes great pride in, and we are floored to be able to support such a comprehensive, dependable, and loyal organization.

Q4: What is your belief in maintaining strong community values and how does that philosophy influence your business?

Greg: My head baker immigrated to America; we sponsored him at Fireking and now he is a citizen. He’s a master craftsman and his bread is delicious and beautifully made. He is pursuing the American dream and earning the success that comes from hard work—I am extremely proud that my business supports this kind of growth and opportunity.

Joe: Our business relies on the community - plain and simple. Without community, we would not have the opportunity to be in business for over 50 years and running. The community is what drives and keeps us going - we are so grateful to live, work and serve in such a tightly-knit group of individuals and we feel so grateful and take such pride in these relationships.

Q5: What are some foodie must-haves for this summer?

Greg: You have to try the white chocolate, candied orange bread at Tosca!

Joe: That sounds delicious. This summer Previte’s is featuring a Tomahawk Ribeye that is just an absolute knockout of a steak.