Presidents' Circle Spotlight: Randy Winters & Cutter Hill Capital

Randy spent some time with Full Circle to discuss business, family and why South Shore Health means so much to him. Randy is a Boston College graduate and earned an MBA from the Carroll School of Management.  Having worked in the commercial real estate field for most of his professional career, Randy recently launched Cutter Hill Capital, a lending business for short-term real estate investment projects.  Randy lives in Hingham with his wife, Laura, and their three young girls.  Outside of work, you might catch him golfing, biking, coaching youth sports, or relaxing beachside.

Q1: What is one thing about Cutter Hill Capital that you would like your fellow Presidents' Circle members to know?
Cutter Hill Capital focuses on lending for short-term real estate investment projects.  My business caters to both borrowers and investors.  Borrowers are
able to receive quick access to the necessary capital for their investment projects while investors with my company are able to receive attractive, passive returns

Q2. Why is supporting South Shore Health so important to you and your company?

Boston is well known for its health care options, but it is so special to have access to a full complement of high-level health services in and around the communities we live.  

Additionally, many members of my family have relied on the convenient access to these services at South Shore Health for many years and I want that to continue for many generations.

Q3. What is your belief in maintaining strong community values and how does that philosophy influence your business?
As a small business owner, so much of the foundation for success is built locally.  The local influence on a business can come in the form of employees, customers, service providers, or other interested supporters.  I believe in the philosophy of supporting those who support us.  If you treat people well and give back when possible, over time, this philosophy will establish the business as a valuable member of the community and increase the likelihood of future success.