Presidents’ Circle Spotlight: South Shore Race Management


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South Shore Race Management has found its niche. Located on the South Shore, they are a race management and consulting services company that specializes in providing an outstanding experience for any organization or group interested in holding a charity road race event. Whether it is a fundraiser for a friend, a family member or for a local cause, the experienced and trained staff of South Shore Race Management will handle all of the details. They will also help with the organization and marketing of the race to bring you more runners to your event and additional funds for the cause.

Their breadth and depth of experience allows them the comfort and flexibility to work with groups and individuals with the full range of athletic ability, including the physically challenged in any way. They help create an event and work side by side with the group to make sure all details are covered and the event is a success from Start to Finish.

Anne Marie Winchester, President of South Shore Race Management, is no stranger to South Shore Health. She is the incoming President of The Friends of South Shore Health, member of the South Shore Health Foundation Board of Trustees, and is the Captain of South Shore Health’s Boston Marathon Team. A qualified marathon runner herself, she has competed in more than 20 Boston marathons, as well as races all over the country.

Anne Marie Winchester spent some time with Full Circle to talk about her business and doing something she loves.

Q1: What is one thing about South Shore Race Management that you would like your fellow Presidents' Circle members to know?
Our primary goal for every event is to raise money for local charities and individuals while also supporting local businesses. We give locally and spend locally whenever possible.

Q2. Why is supporting South Shore Health so important to you and your company?
Because our company promotes healthy living, families and lifestyles, supporting South Shore Health and their efforts to keep communities healthy is part of who we are and why we do this work.  

Q3. What is your belief in maintaining strong community values and how does that philosophy influence your business?
The individuals and organizations we work with ask us for help due to a need. The need may be for their group, their family or their friends.  Sometimes it’s a larger group such as helping support food pantries at the holidays, or for an individual who is battling cancer. It’s amazing to watch a community come together to help someone else. Large groups of people working together builds a stronger community.