A New Benefit for Presidents' Circle Members

President Circle Members Benefit from Wellness Talks

On a snowy morning in late January, hundreds of Russelectric employees gathered for the organization's quarterly staff meeting. There were presentations about business goals and innovation. But there was one guest who was new to the meetings. Jennifer Logan, Community and Aquatics Program Manager at South Shore Health, was there to provide an overview of wellness to 200 employees.

Russelectric is a member of South Shore Health's Presidents' Circle, a group of more than 130 leading area businesses and individual leaders that have made donations to support the not-for-profit health system.

As one of the benefits of Presidents' Circle membership, companies have access to expert clinical speakers for corporate meetings and events, and access to health and wellness services. Russelectric saw this as a great opportunity to promote their commitment to a healthy working environment for its employees and was excited to initiate a program.

"The wellness of our people is a key value for Russelectric. We have a very committed and dedicated workforce, and as a company we want to make sure they are treated well. We want to offer them access to the best wellness resources in order to enjoy long, healthy and productive careers and healthy and fulfilling retirement years. That is what we are hoping to get from the partnership with South Shore Health," says Dorian E. Alexandrescu, President and CEO of Russelectric.

Logan discussed the elements of wellness to start the relationship with Russelectric employees.

"I wanted to go beyond typical advice like 'get up and move every hour.' There are many components to wellness, including emotional, social and spiritual."

"I'm excited to work with Russelectric to learn how we can best help the organization's employees to live the healthiest lives possible," Logan says.

This meeting was the start of an ongoing wellness program that will be tailored to Russelectric's needs.


Interested in becoming a member of the Presidents' Circle and tapping the expertise of our health care providers? Contact Marc Cregan at 781-624-8607 for details.