Jillian and Monroe's Story: "We Are Alive Because of Them."

Baby Monroe lies in a NICU bed at South Shore Hospital shortly after birth, as mother Jillian reaches out to touch her, smiling, from her own hospital bed.

Jillian was late in her pregnancy when she experienced a placental abruption, an emergent condition that causes life-threatening hemorrhaging.

After dialing 9-1-1, the EMTs who answered her call determined that Jillian wasn't going to make it to her previously determined birth hospital in Boston.

Jillian was diverted to South Shore Hospital, where she underwent an emergency C-section that saved both her life and the life of her newborn daughter, Monroe.

"I woke up with a very nice nurse and I remember looking at her, coming to, and I asked her if I had a baby, because I didn’t know," said Jillian. "She said I did, and that my husband was with her and that she was OK.” 

Monroe spent a total of 84 days in South Shore Hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Special Care Nursery, where Jillian says she received exceptional care.

While in the NICU and Special Care Nursery, Monroe benefited from the team approach between South Shore Health and Boston Children's Hospital.

During that lengthy stay, Jillian also found comfort in the familiar and friendly faces of Monroe's nurses and doctors.

“Her primary team…became an extension of family and friends, not just caregivers,” she said.

NICU baby Monroe sits in a bounce chair while two nurses from South Shore Hospital, who cared for her during her stay, smile for a photo behind her.

Along with guiding Jillian and Mike through what was a stressful and challenging time, Monroe’s caregivers ensured that her parents received consistent updates about her progress and that they had a plan in place for when Monroe went home.

"They set us up for a lot of success," she said. "We've been able to replicate [that] and get her on a good schedule. It's been great and she's just continuing to thrive, which we love."

Now 8 months old, Monroe is thriving – all thanks to the timely intervention and expert care she and mom received, close to home.

“We had something very, very serious and traumatic happen," said Jillian. "We are alive because of them today."

As Jillian, her husband, Mike, and Monroe prepare to spend their first Mother's Day together as a family, we're proud we were able to play a small part in their story.

Watch an interview with Jillian and Monroe below:

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