Abington Quilt Guild Donates Blankets to Home Care Patients

This week, the Abington-based Thimbles and Friends Quilt Guild dropped off several bags full of sewn and crocheted quilts, all of which will be distributed to patients of South Shore Health’s home care division.

Tammie Ryan, RN, Shirley MacLeod of Thimbles and Friends, and Lisa Royer pose with a quilt
Tammie Ryan, RN, Director of South Shore Visiting Nurse Association, Shirley MacLeod of Thimbles and Friends, and Lisa Royer, Director, Central Intake & Community Liaison of South Shore Health’s Home Care Division.

“Imagine if you are a new mom in need, and you have nothing to give your new baby. Having a hat, blanket, or sweater to give can make all the difference in the world,” said Tina Dwyer, Director of Care Coordination and Community Benefits Officer at South Shore Health. “Or, if you’re a patient on hospice, these colorful blankets can bring some color into your hospital room, in addition to physically warming you.”

Thimbles and Friends have been a long-time contributor to the Home Care Division. Shirley MacLeod, who delivered this week’s batch of blankets, hats, and sweaters, recalls that her nearly 84-year-old mother, Joanne Fruzzetti, was a familiar sight at 30 Reservoir Park Drive, pulling a wagon full of quilts behind her.

“I should think about using that wagon,” Shirley says. “These quilts are heavy.”

Shirley says this week’s delivery represents the group’s work in September and October. A sewn quilt can be put together in about half an hour, plus some more time to add quilting. The crocheted blankets can take a couple of days, depending on the speed of the crocheter. Our home care team grabs a quilt or other donation for clients as they are needed. They’re already going fast as the weather gets colder.

We are so grateful to Thimbles and Friends for their long-time support of our home care patients!

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