2017 Nurses' Week Award Winners

During National Nurses’ Week (May 5-12), we celebrate the critical importance of the nurses of South Shore Health. Dozens of nurses were nominated by their peers to receive awards for their exceptional service to our patients and their families.

Below are the recipients of South Shore Health's 2017 Nursing Awards.

Community/Population Service Aware: Betsy Gallagher, RN, South Shore VNA
Presented to a nurse who makes significant professional or voluntary contributions in community-based settings and transfers knowledge in a manner that promotes dialogue, open communication and interdisciplinary relationships within the community setting.

Betsy Gallagher, RN, South Shore VNA

Rising Star Award: Ginny Philippeaux, RN, Emergency Department
Presented to a nurse new to his/her role who demonstrates commitment to the nursing profession through commendable daily performance. This nurse exceeds the expectation of a novice in their position and possesses an inner drive to succeed.

Ginny Philippeaux, RN, Emergency Department

Exemplary Professional Practice Award: Meaghan Donovan, RN, Critical Care
Presented to a nurse who demonstrates exemplary clinical practice, uses innovative and creative approaches to achieve quality outcomes, advocates for patients and families in all activities, consistently provides compassionate and professional nursing care for patients and families, and works collaboratively with the interdisciplinary team.

Meaghan Donovan, RN, Critical Care

Hall of Fame Award: Diane King, RN, Employee Health
This esteemed award is presented to a visionary who has a lifelong dedication to nursing and who has the ability to adapt to meet the changes in health care.

Diane King, RN, Employee Health

Transformational Leaders of the Year Award: Nadine Bousaleh, RN, Care Progression and Lea-Anne Meals, RN, Endoscopy
Presented to the nurses who exemplifies the mission of South Shore Health and the elements of Magnet Culture by consistently demonstrating transformational leadership qualities.

Nadine Bousaleh, RN, Care Progression
Lea-Anne Meals, RN, Endoscopy

Patient and Family Centered Care Award: Theodora “Teddy” DeCosta, RN, Home & Community Care
Presented to a nurse who consistently supports patients and families in achieving positive health care outcomes; works collaboratively with the interdisciplinary team to include patients and families in all aspects of their health care; supports colleagues to create more time for the caregiver at the patient’s bedside, and participate collaboratively in the mentoring and education of patients and families, nurses, and other members of the health care team.

Theodora “Teddy” DeCosta, RN, Home Care

Innovation Award/Continuous Improvement Award: Margaret “Margo” Mitchell, RN, Anticoagulation Services
Presented to a nurse who meets the challenge of continuous improvement in his/her own practice and does not accept status quo.

Margaret “Margo” Mitchell, RN, Anticoagulation Services

Sue Tobin Award: Christine Hajjar, RN, Critical Care
Presented to a nurse who demonstrates expertise in nursing practice and actively promotes the mission, vision and goals of evidenced-based nursing.

Christine Hajjar, RN, Critical Care