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Learn About Back and Spine Services at South Shore Health System

Back pain—particularly low back pain—is a common problem that most people experience at some point in their lives. For most, the pain only lasts for a short period of time then goes away. But for others, back pain can last for years, seriously affecting their quality of life.

South Shore Health’s back and spine specialists have expertise in caring for a wide variety of back and spine issues and work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan. Our multidisciplinary team includes physiatrists (physicians who specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation), physical and occupational therapists, neurosurgeons, anesthesiologists, and radiologists.  

Our Spine Center at the Center for Orthopedics, Spine and Sports Medicine treats a diverse range of spinal ailments and disorders. Emphasis starts with conservative, non-surgical treatment options. 

Spine Center services include:

  • Patient and family education and support
  • Individualized and coordinated treatment and wellness plans
  • Diagnosis and treatment of pain including the appropriate use of pain medication to manage symptoms
  • Restoration of maximum function lost due to injury, illness or disabling condition

Meet our Back and Spine Team

Dr. Stephen Johnson, Neurosurgeon, South Shore NeuroSpine

Stephen H Johnson, MD

Neurological Surgery

Janet C Limke, MD

Headshot of Casey O'Donnell, DO

Casey J O'Donnell, DO

Pain Management
Dr. Jason Rahal, Neurosurgeon, South Shore NeuroSpine

Jason P Rahal, MD

Neurological Surgery