Minimizing the Risk of COVID-19

South Shore Health has carefully monitored COVID-19 since December, when it emerged as an international public health concern. We are well prepared. You can read more about our preparations in this article from the Patriot Ledger, including the visitor restrictions in place at South Shore Hospital.

This week, we’ve taken an additional step.

Support groups and classes that bring groups of people from outside our organization to our facilities that do not involve direct patient treatment and care are cancelled.

Any classes that involve direct patient treatment and care will continue as planned.

We know that these programs mean so much to our community. However, we felt this step was necessary to keep patients, families, colleagues, and the entire South Shore community safe.

Here are some answers to questions we expect many people will have:

Which classes and groups are canceled?

South Shore Health is working tirelessly to balance our patients’ medical needs with the safety of the wider community.

Generally speaking, if your class or group is supporting you before or after a medical procedure, such as childbirth or a joint replacement, these will still take place.

This situation is fluid, so please check with your provider or the group organizer if you planned to attend a class.

How will I be refunded if I paid for a class?

Please contact the leader of your group or class directly for information about refunds.

When will classes and events resume?

South Shore Health will follow the best guidance of public health officials when deciding to resume our regular schedule. Please keep an eye on our website and social media channels for updates.

We’re also taking steps to minimize the spread of infectious disease beyond our walls. South Shore Health announced the following precautionary measures to colleagues this week:

  • Luminaria, our event to raise funds for home care in our community, has been postponed until September 17. Visit the Luminaria website to learn more.
  • Colleague travel to conferences is canceled.
  • All non-essential volunteers should not come to our facilities until further notice. Please contact your leader if you have questions.
  • All non-essential meetings and events that bring external groups to our facilities are to be cancelled. There are some essential meetings that cannot be cancelled.
  • We will leverage Dial-in and WebEx where necessary to ensure we can continue with business as usual.
  • Colleagues are discouraged from traveling to restricted areas.

Our experienced teams of multidisciplinary experts continue to monitor the situation and make addition changes to our protocols as necessary.

We encourage our community to visit the COVID-19 page on our website, which has links to the latest information from state and federal officials, as well as updates from our experts, for the latest updates from South Shore Health.