Q&A with Dorcas Doja Chi, MD, Medical Oncologist

Dr. Chi, medical oncologist
Dorcas Doja Chi, MD

How Did You Get Interested in Medicine?

My Grandfather was an internal medicine doctor and my Mom was an OB/GYN, so there has always been great interest for me to go along the same path. 

I chose medical oncology as an eventual career path in large part because I lost my Aunt to breast cancer when she was in her forties. That really sparked an interest in me to treat oncology patients. 

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

I really enjoy establishing relationships with patients and their families. Building that relationship means working alongside them to really get a sense that they are trusting me with their care, with their life, and with all the important decisions that need to be made. I think it’s a very special type of bonding I get to develop with my patients. 

How do you help ease your patients’ anxiety about cancer treatment?

Patience and empathy are key aspects to my role in caring for patients. I feel it’s important to always give my patients time to process a diagnosis, digest all the information and give them ample time to ask questions. I always try to put myself in each patient’s situation—imagining what it’s like for them personally and what it’s like for their family members. I think you become a better caregiver.

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