Pain-Free and Active Again, Hip Replacement Surgery ‘Has Allowed Me to Do It’

An elderly man smiling while pushing a lawn mower
Since having two hip replacement surgeries, Weymouth resident David Payne has been able to get back to mowing his lawn, home repairs and woodworking.

Despite the painful arthritis in his hips, David Payne wasn’t sure he should have hip replacement surgery.

“At my age, I was wondering if I should get it done,” the Weymouth resident recalled.  “But the doctor (orthopedic surgeon Michael Ayers, MD) recommended it.”

And Payne is glad he did. 

Following surgery and a two-day stay at South Shore Hospital in October 2019, Payne’s recovery went well.

After completing the prescribed physical therapy, which he continued on his own at home, Payne said his right hip was pain free, but the left one was giving him trouble.

“The right one was worse so I did that one first, but I kept putting off the second one, until it got to a bad point,” Payne said. “It was very uncomfortable to walk or do anything.”

So at 84, 2-1/2 years after his first hip replacement surgery, Payne decided to have the same procedure on his left hip.

This time it was same-day surgery at South Shore Health’s Ambulatory Surgical Center and while the procedure was the same, Payne’s experience was vastly different. 

Older man mowing his lawn
At his age, David Payne wasn't certain he should have hip replacement surgery. But just three months after his second procedure, he said he has no discomfort whatsoever in his hips and is able to walk 2-3 miles every morning.

Rather than spending two days in the hospital following his surgery this spring, Payne was recovering at home just hours after his joint replacement.

“I arrived at 2 Pond Park at 5 AM and was home by 2 PM,” he said.  “It was absolutely amazing.”

Three months later, Payne is back to doing yardwork, home repairs, and woodworking in his garage. 

“I’m very happy I had the procedure and with the results,” he said, noting he would recommend it to friends considering joint replacement surgery.

“I have no problems with my hips, and no discomfort whatsoever,” said Payne, who has become more active since having his hip replacements. 

“I go walking for an hour every morning – about 2 to 3 miles. This has allowed me to do it.”


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