“In By 5 AM, Out By 5 PM”: Jo-Ann’s Same-Day Hip Replacement

Patient Jo-Ann stands on her deck for a photo. Jo-Ann shared her story of her same-day joint replacement procedure at South Shore Health.

The decision to have hip replacement surgery is a personal one — and for Jo-Ann Freeley, it was inspired by a desire to get back to pain-free mobility.

“I had been having trouble walking,” said Jo-Ann, 54 and a Pembroke resident. “I ended up having my hip replaced in November [2020].”

Due to a variety of factors, including her age and overall health, Jo-Ann was deemed a suitable candidate for same-day hip replacement surgery, South Shore Health’s cutting-edge program that offers patients relief from their joint pain without requiring an overnight hospital stay.

Traditionally, hip replacement patients spend a few days in the hospital recovering from the procedure; for Jo-Ann, that “few days” was cut down to 12 hours.

“I got there at 5 AM and was out by 5 PM the same day,” she said.

For Jo-Ann, the ability to get relief from her hip pain without spending added time in the hospital was a bonus.

“I really didn’t want to be in the hospital,” she said. “Not just because of COVID, but staying overnight in the hospital, you’re constantly being checked on, or woken up by bright lights or things beeping."

Instead, Jo-Ann was able to begin her recovery in the place most comfortable for her: home.

“The thought of being able to recover at home the same night as my surgery was really appealing to me,” she said.

After a same-day hip replacement procedure is completed, the care team’s focus shifts to getting the patient ready to return home.

In Jo-Ann’s case, that meant getting back on her feet just hours after her surgery.

“I was able to get up and walk with a walker the same day as the surgery,” she said. “In the recovery room, they showed me how to get dressed, get in and out of chairs, and go up and down stairs.”

While some may fear that the shortened time frame of same-day surgery leaves out vital steps, Jo-Ann felt well taken care of and prepared to head home.

“I was discharged with everything I needed,” she said. “A walker, instructions on how to safely do things at home, and medications to manage the pain.”

After returning home, Jo-Ann focused on her recovery, which included visits from a nurse with South Shore VNA and regular physical therapy — and the results were impressive.

“I thought the recovery was pretty easy,” she said. “Physical therapy was great for helping me heal and get back to my normal level of activity. My recovery was great.”

Just a few months after her procedure, Jo-Ann is ready to get out and enjoy everything a South Shore spring has to offer — this time, without the hip pain.

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