Jack Doherty's Story: A Life Reclaimed

Jack Doherty should not be here. After suffering a massive heart attack while playing hockey last fall, the 45-year father of five was dead. His heart had completely stopped. His skin was blue. “I was probably dead before my body hit the ice,” Jack said.

However, an extraordinary series of eventsstarting with his hockey teammates administering CPR on the icebrought Jack back from death. He remained at South Shore Hospital for about one week where cardiologists placed a stent in his blocked coronary artery and repaired his heart damage. He subsequently enrolled in South Shore Hospital’s cardiac rehabilitation program and never missed a session.

“Cardiac rehab was phenomenal,” Jack said. “They literally started me out with baby steps and helped me take bigger steps until I was feeling like my old self again.”

"Move Past It" is the slogan on one of the most popular lines sold by Jack’s Dorchester-based apparel company, College Hype. “It’s about how you react when things happen in lifelearning from them and moving on. When it comes to overcoming a heart attack, attitude is everything.”

Jack is so grateful for the care he received throughout his ordeal, from his friends on the ice, during his hospitalization and throughout his cardiac rehab. He chose to thank his caregivers by making a gift to South Shore Hospital. Although it is hard to single out one caregiver, Jack mentioned Kristi Holden, Emergency Department R.N., who is also his neighbor in Hingham. Kristi even helped care for his five children as Jack recovered. “She is an amazing human being,” he said.

“My story is all positive,” Jack said. “I realize how good people can be and how lucky I am to be here. I can’t wait for tomorrow.”