Ed & Wendy Batchelder: A Tiny Miracle

Sometimes, the biggest miracles come in the smallest packages.

After trying unsuccessfully for many years to get pregnant, Ed and Wendy Batchelder of Bridgewater were shocked when Wendy became pregnant at age 44. “It was a total surprise, but a wonderful, happy surprise,” Wendy said. “We had pretty much given up on having a baby,” added Ed. Pregnancies at that age are often considered “high risk,” however in Wendy’s case, this pregnancy was clearly going to be particularly challenging. She has a chronic auto-immune condition which requires her to take daily medication, even during a pregnancy.

The couple, working closely with South Shore Hospital’s Maternal Fetal Medicine team of physicians and nurses, and Wendy’s own doctors, developed a carefully-crafted plan involving frequent tests, exams and monitoring, designed to keep her and her baby safe and healthy. “I got off as many meds as I could,” Wendy said, “but there were a couple I had to stay on.”

Wendy developed gestational diabetes in the second trimester, adding insulin and frequent blood checks to her care plan. Little Hayden was eventually delivered via c-section and had to move to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and then the Special Care Nursery (SCN) for about three weeks to regulate her sugar and wean her off exposure to Wendy’s medications.

“It was so hard to leave her there,” Wendy said, “But one of the things that made it easier was the Angel-Eye System.”

South Shore Hospital's NICU is equipped with the Angel-Eye Camera System, an internet-based, HIPAA-compliant video and audio solution that allows family and friends to interact with NICU newborns 24 hours per day. These webcams, installed on all 30 isolettes in the NICU and SCN, allow families to see their infants anytime, from anywhere around the globe, even from their smart phones. “It took a lot of the worry away, because we could see Hayden anytime,” Ed said. “It really made a major difference for us.”

Hayden is beautiful, healthy and happy now as she progresses in her first year. Her parents could not be more grateful for the care they all received at South Shore Hospital. They have chosen to make a gift to South Shore Health System to thank their caregivers. “We highly recommend anyone use the Maternity program at South Shore Hospital and stay involved with supporting and helping the hospital,” Wendy said. “We had everything we needed at South Shore Hospital and there is no need to go to Boston.”