Eat, Sleep, Console: A new approach for substance-exposed newborns

South Shore Hospital has implemented a new model of care when assessing and treating substance exposed newborns. The program, known as Eat, Sleep, Console is showing evidence that substance exposed newborns can be safely managed through withdrawal by using a nonpharmacological approach as the first line treatment.

“Our team is committed to providing infants with the best care possible,” said Debra Banville, MSN, RN, Clinical Nurse Leader for Pediatrics at South Shore Hospital. “This is a patient and family-centered care approach that safely treats newborns and helps parents and families feel empowered in the care of their baby.”

According to Banville, Eat, Sleep, Console has helped decrease pharmacological use in infants by 25 percent and lowered their length of stay in the hospital without an increase in readmission rate. 

“Babies are being treated, safely and going home sooner with parents,” said Banville. “Our ultimate goal is to help our parents and babies thrive. This approach is a step in the right direction.”

Watch this video to learn more about Eat, Sleep, Console and the success of this new pediatric approach.