Colleague Spotlight: Celebrating Barbara Wahlstrom!

Colleague Spotlight graphic featuring a photo of Barbara Wahlstrom of The Friends of South Shore Health

Each month, South Shore Health gives the Colleague Spotlight Award to a colleague who demonstrates exemplary behaviors, actions, and/or work practices that reflect the values of South Shore Health.

We're proud to celebrate Barbara Wahlstrom as our Colleague Spotlight Award recipient for November!

Barbara is Manager of The Friends of South Shore Health.

"Barb's able to embody the values and the mission of South Shore," said Lauren Spencer, Senior Vice President & Chief Development Officer, South Shore Health Foundation.

"She's a team player. She's one of the first people to raise her hand when people need help."

As Manager of The Friends of South Shore Health, Barbara plays a key role in a variety of different South Shore Health initiatives, from fundraising events to trips to educational programs.

Wherever there's a need, Barbara is always willing to step up.

"She's always been the first one to jump in and help with things that are going on," said Cathy Moore, Coordinator, The Friends of South Shore Health.

Recently, Barbara and her team worked to revive South Shore Health's Holiday Gift Basket Raffle, which benefits the Generous Hearts Fund.

The Holiday Gift Basket Raffle had been a cherished tradition among colleagues for many years, but was put on hold in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The return of the raffle this year was very exciting for colleagues. It made quite an impact as well, raising tens of thousands of dollars for the Generous Hearts Fund, which benefits South Shore Health colleagues who are in need.

"Colleagues helping colleagues is so important," said Wahlstrom. "Everybody has different issues that they be able to help our colleagues through these difficult times is really what it's all about.

Watch the video below to hear more from Lauren, Cathy, and Barbara:

Thank you, Barbara, for your leadership, kindness, and commitment to South Shore Health!