Caroline's Story: Both Hands Back in the Game

Caroline McCarthy prepares to hit a tennis shot with her backhand.

Positioning herself to perfectly execute a winning shot is something Caroline McCarthy does well.

Last summer, however, she never could have imagined that a tie-breaking point in a game would land her in South Shore Hospital’s emergency department with a severe wrist fracture. 

“I was shocked, because I’ve never broken anything,” Caroline recalls.  “My biggest fear was that I may never be able to play tennis again.” 

At 15, with aspirations to bring her talent to the court in college, it was hard to fathom the thought of giving up the sport she loves.  

Caroline was referred to Glen Seidman, MD, an orthopedic surgeon, who specializes in hand surgery.  “Dr. Seidman was so encouraging from the moment I met him.  He assured me that he would repair my wrist and get me back on the court.”

Within three days, he was performing surgery on Caroline’s wrist, to bring back normal function in the joints involved.

Caroline completed occupational hand therapy — and finally regained full function of her wrist.

It was a celebratory day when she met with Dr. Seidman, reporting she was pain-free and back on the court, only a few short months after surgery. 

Now in her junior year at Carver High School, Caroline sparkles when asked about her post-recovery tennis.

“Dr. Seidman and the South Shore Hospital team were amazing! I’m just so grateful that I can play again,” she remarks.

South Shore Hospital’s Outpatient Center for Orthopedics, Spine and Sports Medicine in Hingham is now making undergoing treatment of musculoskeletal dysfunction much more manageable.

“In Caroline’s case, many different locations were required for treatment.  The new center in Hingham eliminates this headache with a coordinated approach,” Dr. Seidman explains. “Colleagues working together under the same roof coupled with the latest techniques in hardware bring improved patient results – all in an outpatient atmosphere.”