Bridget Mazenkas: More Quality Time With Patients is Possible Through Home Care

November is National Home Care Month, a time to recognize and celebrate the dedicated, nurses, therapists and social workers who provide skilled, compassionate care to patients in their homes.

At South Shore Health, our Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) team works collaboratively to care for patients with chronic illnesses, following surgery, or recovering from acute illness or injury.

From wound care and medication management to physical and occupational therapy, home care workers are committed to providing patients personalized, comprehensive care in the comfort of home.

South Shore VNA social worker Bridget Mazenkas poses for photo outside

Bridget Mazenkas, a social worker with South Shore VNA said working in home care allows her to spend more quality time with patients, where they are most comfortable. 

Mazenkas joined South Shore Health in 2020 working in case management as an inpatient social worker at South Shore Hospital. 

She made the switch to home care this past July and said being able to reach out to patients and book visits when it works best for them has led to more “quality interventions.” 

"It's easier to work with patients when they are in a comfortable environment and when it's on their time," she said.

Mazenkas helps connect patients to the services and resources they may need and for which they qualify; from transportation and housing to outpatient therapy or mental health care. She is also a mandated reporter for at-risk elders.

Mazenkas said the most rewarding part of her job is seeing how grateful patients are to have someone to talk to, to listen to them and to validate their concerns.

The best thing about working at South Shore Health she said, is the way her colleagues support and appreciate her.

“We all work together collaboratively on referrals and workflows and you feel valued for your insights and clinical skills.”


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