Virtual Visits at South Shore Medical Center

In an effort to provide quality care as conveniently as possible, South Shore Medical Center is happy to announce the availability of virtual visits.

Virtual visits will allow South Shore Medical Center patients to connect with their primary care provider (PCP) or a specialist via a smartphone, laptop, or other connected mobile device.

Visits are conducted via a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform, allowing you to comfortably discuss anything you’d normally discuss during an in-person visit.

Virtual visit resources


Frequently asked questions

Virtual visits are video calls or phone calls with your PCP or a specialist. These visits allow us to offer care to our patients in the comfort of their home. Patients will be able to discuss issues with their provider, have medication prescribed, and more.

Patients can request a visit with their provider to discuss any symptoms. Should you meet the Massachusetts Department of Public Health screening criteria, your provider can refer you for COVID-19 testing.

A virtual visit will be billed the same as the equivalent in-person visit, meaning that in the majority of cases, virtual visits will be covered by insurance. Co-pays may apply, and will vary depending on the insurance provider.

Virtual visits can be used for many appointments a patient would normally make with his or her provider. These include wellness visits, illnesses, follow-up visits, and more. Pediatric visits can be held virtually as well.

Patients can call 781-878-5200 to and speak to our scheduling team to set up a virtual visit.

While a South Shore MyChart account isn’t required for a virtual visit, MyChart users can log in and request a new appointment without making a phone call. A member of our scheduling team will reach out to set up the appointment, and a virtual visit can be requested at that time. 

If you don’t have a MyChart account, you can register for an account online.