Sports & Camp Physicals

Convenient, Same-Day Physicals for Just $30*

A group of young kids playing soccer during a youth sports game

If your child needs a physical examination prior to playing a sport or heading off to camp, we've got you covered!

Simply walk in to any Health Express location to get the physical you need — no appointment required.

Health Express offers physicals for school-age children in grades K-12, primarily for sports or camp activities.

A parent or legal guardian must accompany all students under the age of 18.

A sports physical should not replace an annual wellness physical.

While we're happy to offer physical exams, we also encourage you to keep your child's annual wellness visit with their primary care provider.

Why get a camp or sports physical?

A physical exam is the first step in getting your young athlete or camper ready for the fun and games ahead.

Sports physicals, also called pre-participation physicals, are most often required by school districts and athletic leagues to ensure your child is healthy and ready to safely play a sport. The same process is often used by summer camps and sports camps.

Camp and sports physicals help ensure that it's safe for your child to play while also raising awareness of any health issues that may interfere with your child’s ability to participate, thereby preventing issues before they arise.

Health Express providers can also identify areas that may be prone to injury and suggest tips and exercises to avoid future problems.

We will check your athlete's or camper's vital signs, including pulse and blood pressure, and will also examine their height, weight, vision, lungs, abdomen, ears, nose, throat, and overall medical history.

In addition, we’ll complete the forms required by your school district.

*Please note that the $30 price does not include any ancillary services or tests.