Honor Your Caregiver

As a not-for-profit health system, South Shore Health relies on charitable giving to respond to the growing healthcare needs of our community. Our Honor Your Caregiver program is an opportunity for grateful patients, their loved ones, community advocates, and even former residents with deep ties to the area, to recognize a compassionate member of our staff—or an entire team— by making a donation to serve patient needs.

Gifts made through the Honor Your Caregiver program go to work immediately, extending charitable care to the underserved as well as equipping the health system with the much-needed resources that will serve ALL patients for decades to come, new technology and equipment, workforce development, and facility upgrades.

All employees that interact with patients and families are eligible to receive this special honor: physicians, nurses, lab technicians, patient transporters, reception personnel, security, social workers, volunteers, and many others that positively impact the patient experience every day. Staff members are always touched and inspired by these gifts and the philanthropic spirit that they embody.

Every colleague recognized through this program receives a certificate from the South Shore Health Foundation highlighting their dedication to compassionate patient-centered care.

Thank you for taking the time to share your gratitude with us. Email us at gratefulpatient [at] southshorehealth.org (gratefulpatient[at]southshorehealth[dot]org)

Make a Donation in Honor of a South Shore Health System Caregiver

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Honor your caregiver and make a donation to serve patient needs.
Tom Silvia of Plymouth sits at his kitchen table

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