South Shore Medical Center Shifts to Walk-In Lab Services

Effective May 16, 2023, South Shore Medical Center shifted to a walk-in model for blood draws and sample drop-offs.

Instead of scheduling a lab appointment, patients with active orders for a blood draw or sample drop-off can conveniently walk in to any South Shore Medical Center lab, check in at the lab desk, and get the services they need.

This shift to a walk-in model will help make lab services more accessible to our patients, allowing for more flexibility without compromising quality.

What do I need to do before visiting the lab?

Patients must confirm that their lab order is in place prior to visiting the lab for their blood draw or sample drop-off.

We will not conduct blood draws or accept sample drop-offs without an existing order from your provider.

If you’re unsure of the status of your lab order, you can check by logging in to South Shore MyChart.

If you don’t have a MyChart account, contact your care team to confirm your lab order.

We ask that patients who are unsure about the status of their lab order please refrain from coming to the lab for services until the status is confirmed.

What should I do when I arrive at the lab?

After confirming the status of your lab order, patients can visit the lab location that is most convenient to them. Ensure that you have followed any instructions (fasting, etc.) from your provider prior to arrival.

Upon arrival, patients should check in at the lab desk.

Once checked in, patients will wait until the next member of our team is available to assist them – we’ll do our best to ensure that wait times are as short as possible.

While volume will vary, mid-day and evening hours tend to be less busy across our lab sites.

Once your services are complete, you’re all set and can continue with your day!

Can I schedule an appointment if I want to?

No – we no longer schedule appointments for blood draws and sample drop-offs.

Patients can instead choose the time and location that works best for them and walk in.

Do any lab services still require appointments?

Some services, including glucose tolerance tests (GTT), blood pressure monitoring, and Holter monitors, will still require scheduling an appointment.

In these cases, your care team will work with you to schedule an appointment at the most convenient time and to help you prepare for the appointment.

Where are South Shore Medical Center’s labs located?

South Shore Medical Center has lab locations in Kingston, Norwell, Plymouth, Quincy, Weymouth, and Whitman.

To view hours of operation for each location, please visit our Laboratory Services page.