Provider Council

The Provider Council was developed as part of the process to simplify our former governance model and bring together different provider groups to work on Health System initiatives.

The Provider Council is a forum for clinicians to have a leadership role in the development and execution of Health System strategy and goals.

Through our various workgroups, we aim to maintain provider input in all major clinical decisions, promote alignment of medical staff towards a common purpose and accelerate our Health System’s response to business and clinical forces.

Provider Council Members

Appointed MD Chair: Amanda Marchica, DO, MBA

Appointed Members

CCO: Luke O'Connell, MD

Chief Medical Officer: Jason Tracy, MD

Acute Care MD Lead: David Fink, MD 

Medical Staff President: Christopher Ducko, MD

Elected Members

At-Large MD: Laura Cardello, MD

At-Large MD: Samuel Ash, MD

At-Large MD: Brendan Merchant, MD

At-Large MD: Julie Shapiro, MD

Acute Care APC Lead: Megan Lee, PA-C

Ambulatory Care APC Lead: Laura Phillips, CNP