What is South Shore Hospital's Early Labor Lounge?


Rachel Ballester, Nurse Midwife

Early labor can be uncomfortable for moms. Contractions begin and the cervix begins to soften and open as her baby begins to enter the birth canal. For first-time moms, this longest phase of labor can last for days.

At South Shore Hospital, we have a great resource for moms who are in early labor, but aren't quite ready to deliver: Our Early Labor Lounge.

Here are answers to a few frequently asked questions about this space.

What is the Early Labor Lounge?

The Early Labor Lounge is a space for mom and her support team to use while they are in early labor. It is a home-like, relaxing space with low-lighting, soothing music, yoga mats, birthing balls, comfortable chairs and rebozos. Additionally, there are heating packs, tennis balls and rolling pins for massage and tools for acupressure.

Who can use the Early Labor Lounge?

The lounge is available for any South Shore Hospital patient in early labor—whether labor is occurring spontaneously or being induced. It can provide a space for moms who are too early in labor to be admitted to the hospital, but for whom it is not appropriate to be discharged home.

What is the purpose of the Early Labor Lounge?

If a mom is admitted to the hospital too early in labor, sometimes the her hormones can shift, causing labor to slow down. The idea of the Labor Lounge is to create a comfortable space to allow early labor to continue as naturally as if she were still at home. We can then admit mom when she is truly in active labor. This reduces the risk of having a Cesarean delivery.

Can only one patient use the Lounge at one time?

Usually, the Labor Lounge is only occupied by one patient. If there is more than one mom who needs the space, a privacy screen available.

South Shore Health is proud to offer this space to ease the discomfort of early labor.


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