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2017 Fireworks

As 2017 draws to a close, the editors of South Shore Health's blog, Sharing. As One, offer a look back at our most-viewed posts of the year. From health advice for people of all ages to stories of incredible patient outcomes, our team of clinical experts—nurses, doctors, dietitians, therapists, neurologists and many more—share their expertise to keep you and your family healthy.

Here are the posts that resonated with our readers.

7. Five Symptoms and Signs That May Signal Brain Tumors: This summer, TV host and Massachusetts native Maria Menounos made headlines when she revealed she underwent surgery for a meningioma – a type of brain tumor. Jason Rahal, MD, a neurosurgeon with South Shore NeuroSpine, offered tips for those concerned about their risk.

6. Fast-Acting Caregivers Save One of Their Own: One second, Bill Verrier, who works in Engineering Services at South Shore Hospital, was going about his day. The next, he was laid out on the dining hall floor from a heart attack—with a second heart attack on the way.

5. Five Things You Should Know About Pregnancy at a Later Age: Hsi-Pin Chen, MD, OB/GYN at The Women’s Center of South Shore Medical Center, shared five things older women need to know about expecting a child.

4. Six Steps to Help Balance Your Cholesterol Levels: Between HDLs, LDLs and triglycerides, it can be confusing to determine which lipids are bad, which are good and how to get them in proper balance. Our experts explained the basics.

3. Why Vaccinations Are So Important to Your Family’s Health: South Shore Medical Center pediatrician Jeremy Warhaftig, MD explained why vaccinations are important to stopping outbreaks of preventable diseases.

2. South Shore Health Awarded Emergency Ambulance Service (EAS) Contract from Town of Weymouth: This partnership advances the our mission to offer high-quality care to the people on the South Shore. Stay tuned for more updates as the transition process continues.

And our most read blog of 2017 is: Coordinated Care Gets Rockland Boy Back in the Rink. When a bacterial infection threatened Ben Romer’s life, it took a team of experts working As One to save him and get him back to his favorite sport.

Thanks to all who read Sharing. As One and share these stories with their families and friends. We'd love to know what you'd like to read more about in 2018. Please share your ideas in the comments!