Colleague Spotlight: Celebrating Kerri Carey & John Kane!

Colleague Spotlight graphic featuring photos of Kerri Casey and John Kane of South Shore Hospital

Each month, South Shore Health gives the Colleague Spotlight Award to a colleague who demonstrates exemplary behaviors, actions, and/or work practices that reflect the values of South Shore Health.

We're thrilled to celebrate Kerri Carey and John "Jack" Kane as the recipients of our Colleague Spotlight Award for April!

Both Kerri and Jack work at South Shore Hospital: Kerri is a Patient Ambassador and Jack is a Patient Transporter.

It was separate interactions with the same family that led to Kerri and Jack's nominations for this recognition, as both went above and beyond to support the loved ones of a patient during a difficult time.

After some time in the Emergency Department, Geri and Louise's father was admitted to a room for comfort measures, with Jack transporting him to the room. When they arrived at the room, Jack asked Geri and Louise if he could say a prayer for their father.

"He took my father's hand and my dad immediately squeezed his hand," said Louise. "Jack just came out with this very heartfelt, beautiful prayer that he just made up, which made it that much more meaningful."

"We all cried," she added. "Geri and I were just so touched that he would do this...he just went above and beyond."

Later, when Geri found herself without her phone charger and with a battery that was running low, she purchased one from the Hospital Gift Shop.

When she went to use it, she found that it wasn't working. She went to the Gift Shop to swap it out but found that it had closed for the day.

Kerri noticed the situation and asked Geri to wait with her while she contacted our Public Safety Team.

After our Public Safety Team opened the Gift Shop, Kerri went in, got a new charger, gave it to Geri, and had her test it before she headed back to her father's room.

"I just gave her a hug," said Geri. "I was so grateful."

Watch the video below to learn more and to hear from Kerri and Jack:

Thank you, Kerri and Jack, for your compassion, empathy, and willingness to go the extra mile for our patients and their families!