Colleague Spotlight: Celebrating Anita Uhlman!

Photo of Anita of South Shore Medical Center holding a certificate. Graphic features "Colleague Spotlight" text.

Each month, South Shore Health gives the Colleague Spotlight Award to a colleague who demonstrates exemplary behaviors, actions, and/or work practices that reflect the values of South Shore Health.

We're proud to celebrate Anita Uhlman as our Colleague Spotlight Award recipient for June!

Anita is a phlebotomist at South Shore Medical Center.

Per her supervisor, Rebecca MacLean, Anita truly embodies South Shore Health's Pillars of Excellence on a daily basis.

"We all know what the Pillars of Excellence are based on," she said. "But to put that into action and truly measure...compassion and empathy and respect and accountability, she has every single one of them and more."

During a recent visit, Anita performed lab work on two siblings with special needs, including sensory challenges. 

Anita treated both children with care and compassion, ensuring that they felt safe throughout the procedure.

That compassion led to a sincere "thank you" from the children's mother and grandmother.

"[They] were overwhelmed with gratitude that [their] children were treated in such a respectful manner," Rebecca explained.

"It's humbling when you have these interactions with patients," Anita said. "You feel really good afterwards that you were able to help them."

Watch the video below to hear more from Anita and Rebecca:

Thank you, Anita, for your compassion, kindness, and commitment to South Shore Health's values!