Celebrating One Year of Sharing As One

In August 2016, South Shore Health launched our blog: Sharing As One. Our blog features insights from experts around our Health System and stories of patients who inspire us every day. We hope the blog helps your family to live more healthfully, provides a trusted source of wellness information and illustrates the transformative work of our colleagues across South Shore Health.

We crunched the numbers and wanted to count down the most viewed blog posts of the last year.

5. Spring Salad, Greek-Style: Our readers loved this healthy recipe!

4. Five Things You Should Know About Pregnancy at a Later Age: As more women wait until their mid- to late-thirties to have children, it’s important to know the benefits of waiting as well as the potential risks.

3. Fast-Acting Caregivers Save One of their Own: When a beloved colleague suffered two heart attacks at South Shore Hospital, his coworkers’ quick action saved his life.

2. From Tragedy to Triumph: One Little Girl’s Reunion with the Trauma Team Who Saved Her Life: Readers were moved by the story of Fallon Keating, a young girl who was saved by a team of caregivers working As One after she was injured in a bike accident.

And the most popular blog of our first year?

1. A Glimpse into the Life-Saving Skills of Our Level II Trauma Team: When a 21-year-old South Shore resident was badly hurt in a car accident, the Trauma Team at South Shore Hospital’s quick action saved her life.

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