Behind the Scenes: Meet Phil Lemieux, South Shore Health's "Cookie Guy"


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A sheet of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies at South Shore Hospital

Around South Shore Health, he's known by a simple, almost mythical, name: The Cookie Guy.

Stories have circulated for years about the man who works through the night to ensure that the cafe and dining room at South Shore Hospital are stocked with freshly made baked goods in the morning.

However, The Cookie Guy does have a real name — meet Phil Lemieux, Baker at South Shore Health and the latest colleague to be profiled in our "Behind the Scenes" video series.

Phil, who has worked at South Shore Hospital for 41 years, begins his shift at 6 PM and works overnight baking scones, breads, and, of course, his famous cookies.

Taking advantage of a less crowded kitchen during the overnight hours, Phil often has 6 different ovens going at once! In a given night, Phil bakes 600 cookies, 24 breads, and dozens of assorted pastries.

Learn more about how Phil got into baking, how he manages to bake hundreds of cookies in one night, and the importance of patience when it comes to baking.


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