Behind the Scenes: Colorful Art is on the Menu at the Emerson Lobby Cafe


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Maggie Russo puts the finishing touches on her chalkboard artwork in the Emerson Lobby Cafe at South Shore Hospital.

When looking at the Emerson Lobby Cafe chalkboard, there's plenty to catch your eye, from the variety of hot and iced coffee flavors to the delicious gourmet coffee concoctions.

However, there's one thing that stands out more than the rest: the amazing artwork!

Located in the lobby of South Shore Hospital, the Emerson Lobby Cafe sees hundreds of people file in each day for coffee, a sandwich, or a sweet treat — but the colorful chalkboard art consistently generates conversation among patients, visitors, and colleagues alike.

As part of our "Behind the Scenes" video series, we caught up with Maggie Russo, the Cafe Service Associate behind the wonderful artwork. The artwork isn't part of Maggie's job responsibilities, but is something she volunteered to do as a way to share her talents with all of South Shore Hospital.

Maggie discusses how she creates the artwork, where she finds inspiration, the art teachers who nurtured her skills, and more.


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