South Shore Urology

South Shore Urology provides the highest quality patient care in a warm, compassionate, private office environment. Our board-certified urologists have been providing expert medical care to Boston’s South Shore communities since 1976.

Our physicians diagnose and treat disorders of the genito-urinary system. Common problems we treat are urinary stones, tumors of the urinary tract, bladder and prostate, enlargement of the prostate, urinary infections, incontinence, male infertility/sterilization, and erectile dysfunction. We specialize in the latest minimally-invasive clinical techniques for these conditions such as laproscopic surgeries, microwave therapy for enlarged prostate, leuprolide implant therapy and radioactive seed implant therapy for prostate cancer, and bladder biopsies for the early detection and treatment of most bladder tumors. For your comfort and convenience, many of these procedures can be performed right in our office.

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