Super Kid, Super Donation

Thirteen year old Tom Corbett is known among family and friends as a very kind and generous boy.  On Thursday he brightened the lives of strangers as well. 

While making good on his promise to buy his cousin a stuffed animal at a Build a Bear store, he saw a New England Patriots-themed bear and had an idea.  What if he were to buy as many as he could with his own money and donate them to young hospital patients ahead of the Super Bowl?  He asked his mom Eileen what she thought.  She agreed it was a great idea, but because she’s paying college tuition for two older siblings, she would not be able to help with the purchase.

Tom Corbett, Norwell Middle School student, donated bears to pediatric patients

The expense did not deter Tom; he bought four Bill Belichick-style bears with his own money, went home, and returned with the majority of his savings to purchase four more.  Two hundred dollars is a lot of money for a 13-year old to part with, but not for Tom Corbett.  He did so gladly.  He then contacted South Shore Hospital and made arrangements to deliver the bears, just in time for the big game.

Tom and his mom were greeted at the hospital’s main entrance on Thursday morning by health system staff and members of the local media.  He was a little stunned by all the attention but handled it with aplomb as he led photographers to the Emergency Department with a cart full of bears.

Patient Emmalynn DeLeon, 8 years old, was one of the lucky recipients.  She embraced her bear while she wondered what to name him.  It was an especially sweet moment as Tom learned that the bear would also serve as an early birthday gift to Emmalynn. His new friend would be celebrating her birthday the next day.

South Shore Health System is very grateful to Tom for his generosity, big heart, compassion and community spirit.  If you would like to make a donation to South Shore Health, please visit our Foundation page for more information.